Colin (AKA, The Self Improvement Coach) is a Transformation Coach with decades of experience. He now lives and works in Tyne & Wear, UK.

Colin EllisHe is able to facilitate deep shifts so even people with complicated symptoms gain their life back in a relatively short period of time (even to resolve deep, lifelong issues that nothing else had made any impact upon).

This is due to the knowledge and training he has absorbed over a period of two decades, which means he can now integrate many therapeutic processes and coaching principles for the benefit of his clients.

If you would like to change an aspect of yourself, your behaviour, or drop the self-sabotage, you can be assured Colin has high integrity and will always be looking to your best interests – which is why he promises there will be a shift (if not a complete change for uncomplicated issues) within a reasonable time-frame.*

* Terms of the ‘promise’

Just as a Doctor in an NHS facility will not guarantee specific results from a specific treatment, neither can Colin. He does, however, promise if there is NO shift within 3 months (during which time any identified ‘interference‘ can be dealt with) he shall hand back the money you have paid. This means YOUR investment is zero unless there are results!

Learn more about ‘interference’ and the blocks to being well, happy and progressing… by joining the Personal Development Club when membership re-opens in September 2017.

Call Colin now on UK freephone 0800 249 42 40 or txt 07776 380 324 email:

Not living in the North East of England? Phone or email and ask about other options – telephone coaching, email coaching, video-conferencing online (eg: Skype).

To learn about courses, events and resources (online and off-line), join the Personal Development Club when membership re-opens in September 2017 – and get lots of self-help advice, tips and information.

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