Motivation, or lack of, is a theme for every New Year – and your meditation practice needs it too.

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Knowing WHY you are meditating is the key to keeping up the motivation to meditate regularly – and gain all the benefits you hear about.

  • Mindfulness is an important tool for reducing stress.
  • Mindfulness is an important component of meditation.
  • Meditation is an important tool in the pocket of every genius and spiritual master.


This 5 week course will help you discover why…

‘Motivated to Mindfully Meditate’, will introduce you to:

  • How to meditate (suitable for beginners)
  • How to use mindfulness to reduce stress
  • How to use mindfulness to gain spiritual insight*
  • WHY meditation is important to YOU – discover what will motivate YOU to meditate!

* You shall learn 4 insights from ancient wisdom you can use your mindfulness to access today – giving you the most profound reasons to meditate!

  • BONUS 1: Access to my private, facebook meditation group so you can get and give encouragement to each other between classes and beyond (easily worth £30/year)
  • BONUS 2: Downloads of guided meditations on mp3 (worth £5 each)
  • BONUS 3: A whole website full of specific guidance to help you with your meditation – it’s like being given several meditation handbooks, free (worth £10+)

Download the pdf flyer – click HERE to see/download

Started in January 2016 – no places available


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