If you know me, you know I’m really into Self Help. Although I have learned there are some limitations to pure self help without a guide/teacher/coach, I know it has done me a ton of good in the past. Now I’m developing a lot of resources, ebooks, and video courses, so I can share them with like-minded people who want to get more from life and be all they can be.

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I am kicking off this giant upload to the member’s area with information about how self-sabotage and other blocks can stop us in our tracks. They block the progress we want to make with our personal development (and therefore many parts of our life), and can stop us from healing. Some of these blocks you may have heard of before: are you living within your comfort zone and need to feel the fear and do it anyway? Or is it a limiting belief stopping you from moving forward?

Then there are the more subtle and hidden ways we stop ourselves – mostly subconsciously – from moving forward. I want to give you the information you need to identify these blocks and overcome them.

As an energy psychologist, I know you can be affected psychologically by energy imbalances, so I’ll give you methods to help you identify these blocks and ways to deal with them.

I’ll not be stopping there… look forward to self-help courses, ebooks, videos and much more, on many aspects of personal growth: goal setting, confidence building, stress management, to name a few.

How do you get a hold of all these resources so you can use them to get more from life?

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See you inside.

Colin 🙂
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