Terms and Conditions of Membership

The conditions of membership set out below are to protect the website and especially genuine members from spammers, trolls and any other kind of nuisance. See also, the Privacy & Cookies policy (condition 7, below).


Club = The Personal Development Club, run and owned by Colin Ellis, The Self Improvement Coach. Physical address is in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom. Email: info@self-improvement.org.uk

Staff = Colin Ellis, The Self Improvement Coach or any Monitor appointed by Colin and given the appropriate authorisation by him.

Vendors = Although here are NONE at the time of writing, this will be carefully selected third-party organisations/companies who provide services to the Club but do NOT market or advertise their services/products to club members.

Member = Any member at any level of membership of the Personal Development Club.


1. Who is permitted to join

Only individual persons (not corporations, organisations, government departments/agencies, or businesses), interested in their own personal development.

If you are a coach or therapist, you are welcome to join, and contribute where participation is available, but you should know that all the material is copyrighted and therefore if you use it elsewhere you should say who & where you got it from and the fact that it is copyrighted. Please also note condition 5 below.

2. The process for joining

You can add your email address to the form at http://eepurl.com/bc3DaL
Once you confirm your email address via the email sent to you, you will be a FREE Subscriber member. It is also possible the Staff may send you an email with a confirmation link without you having to add your name and email to the form, but you will get no more emails from the club unless you confirm your wish to be a member.

3. Memberships

There is a FREE Subscriber membership available to all. The Club may offer Premium or other levels of membership at any time and at any fee (or free) with any benefits or restrictions deemed appropriate and promote this to the members. There will be no obligation to join a Premium membership and FREE Subscriber membership will always be FREE. Although FREE Subscriber membership will always be FREE, some content/course/etc. made available to FREE Subscribers will incur a fee to access – if you are NOT taken to Paypal (or shown a ‘Buy Now’ button) there is no fee.

4. Right to cancel your membership

You have the right to cancel your membership at any time. Once cancelled, I promise to send you no more than 2 emails (potentially one if already in the pipeline and the other to say sorry to see you go or to confirm it was you who asked to cancel your membership).

The Staff have the right to cancel or delete any membership. If there is any cause for concern about a member’s intentions then the immediate step may be to downgrade the member to FREE Subscriber status while an investigation takes place. Downgrading, or deletion of a membership may happen (but not exclusively) for the following:

  • Any ‘prohibited’ action (without proof required).
  • Persistent religious or other evangelical or dogmatic attempts to persuade people to a cause.*
  • Persistent voicing of prejudiced views (especially but not exclusively on the grounds or ethnicity, gender or belief system)*

* At the time of writing members are unable to add comments or start/join discussions, so these conditions are only for if or when these things may be available.

5. What is prohibited

  • All and any type of hacking into the software of the website.
  • All and any attempts to access the profile information of any other member, especially email addresses.
  • Putting your email address on to any comment or any other place accessible by other members or the public.*
  • Adding a link to any outside website page which may be construed as spam, advertising, irrelevant to the context of the materiel here, or self-promoting.*
  • Any and all advertising. (Any advertising or offer or marketing must be pre-approved so as to protect the integrity of the club).*
  • Any and all attempts at trolling or flaming or other inconsiderate actions or verbal abuse of any kind.*
  • Any and all attempts to access Premium Member (paid) or other paid-for materials and services without going through the payment procedures.

* At the time of writing members are unable to add comments or start/join discussions, so these conditions are only for if or when these things may be available.

6. Emails, advertising and marketing

You agree to receive emails from the Staff. Most emails are likely to be about updates of the Club materials. Emails come via this website’s software at club.self-improvement.org.uk

You agree the Staff is NOT restricted by the prohibitions upon advertising, marketing and self-promotion (LoL). Since I’m the host and organiser of the Personal Development Club it would be nigh impossible to keep you informed of any new materials, events or courses being offered by the Club if I was restricted in the same way as a normal member.

There may be advertisements or marketing, etc., from time to time where the Staff feel it may be beneficial to certain members to know about a particular product, event or service. Where possible, this will be kept to a minimum so members are not bombarded.

If you have something you feel would be great for the other members to know about, please email the Staff. Colin is very discerning when it comes to advertising products and services to members so please do not get upset if your offer is rejected. Colin may also consider original articles relevant to the members, which need no editing and are well written and informative.

7. Law and disclaimer

In no way should anything written on this website or on any material (eg: ebook, video or audio) be considered or suggesting medical advice or diagnosis is being given. If you have a medical condition (diagnosed or not) for which you feel may benefit from any guidance or other material given by the Club Staff or members then please talk to your medical professional(s) before taking action. This Club is all about Self-Help with your Personal Development and should in no way be considered an alternative to medical treatment, advice, or diagnosis by a professional medical practitioner.

If there is any dispute where legal matters are to be taken to court, then be advised the site is run under English (UK) law and any court proceedings are to be held in Tyne & Wear, England (UK).

Privacy & Cookies

8. Privacy and cookies policy

To the extent to which it is reasonable, the Staff will keep your email address and other profile information secure. Your details shall not be given away, rented, or sold to third parties.

If it is ever considered advantageous to use the facilities of third party Vendors who supply beneficial features to the Club the Staff will try to make sure only reputable companies are used so your email address is kept secure.

Cookies are used by the software that runs the website. This is so:

  • The security measures can work and be monitored.
  • You can access the areas of the Club available to your level of membership.
  • Staff can monitor how many people (but not who) access various parts of the website so I can learn what people are more interested in – therefore hopefully give the members more of what interests them.

Updates and Changes

9. Changes to the Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions, as laid out on this page, may be updated and or changed from time to time. When this happens, there shall be a notice sent to members by email.

Whether or not you receive an email, the Terms and Conditions, an Privacy policy, set out on the page self-improvement.org.uk/terms-conditions/ shall be in force.

These terms and conditions were last updated on:
20th May 2015