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Spring into Meditation with 2 new courses

Two meditation courses in Spring 2016

3 weeks at the Yoga Station, Whitley Bay

Meditation courseRelease Stress and Be Happy

Using deep relaxation and focused meditation to release stress, relax, and find happiness within.

See this article for more on the meditation we are exploring on this course

This event is not available at this time.

The Power of Visualisation

Adding visualisations to create joyful states of mind and enjoy the creativity of your mind to find answers.

See this article to find out more about the type of meditation we are exploring on this course

This event is not available at this time.

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What to expect

Suitable for beginners as well as seasoned meditators Emphasis is on practice so very little teaching (20-30 minute meditations), but guided so beginners can join in.


  • BONUS 1: FREE access to the teacher after the session for Q&A
  • BONUS 2: FREE access to a private facebook group so you can get and give encouragement between classes and beyond (easily valued at over £300/year)


Colin on 07776 380 324

The Yoga Station is within the Whitley Bay Metro station – see the map, HERE

This event is not available at this time but…

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January & Motivated to Meditate

Motivation, or lack of, is a theme for every New Year – and your meditation practice needs it too.

words on top of an image of burning embers

Knowing WHY you are meditating is the key to keeping up the motivation to meditate regularly – and gain all the benefits you hear about.

  • Mindfulness is an important tool for reducing stress.
  • Mindfulness is an important component of meditation.
  • Meditation is an important tool in the pocket of every genius and spiritual master.


This 5 week course will help you discover why…

‘Motivated to Mindfully Meditate’, will introduce you to:

  • How to meditate (suitable for beginners)
  • How to use mindfulness to reduce stress
  • How to use mindfulness to gain spiritual insight*
  • WHY meditation is important to YOU – discover what will motivate YOU to meditate!

* You shall learn 4 insights from ancient wisdom you can use your mindfulness to access today – giving you the most profound reasons to meditate!

  • BONUS 1: Access to my private, facebook meditation group so you can get and give encouragement to each other between classes and beyond (easily worth £30/year)
  • BONUS 2: Downloads of guided meditations on mp3 (worth £5 each)
  • BONUS 3: A whole website full of specific guidance to help you with your meditation – it’s like being given several meditation handbooks, free (worth £10+)

Download the pdf flyer – click HERE to see/download

Started in January 2016 – no places available