Do you want to:

THRIVE in all areas of your life,

be more at peace & centred,

live moment by moment without worry or fear,

connect with happiness & contentment,

and be your true self…?

… then you’re in the right place
(no matter where you’re starting from)

There are two sides to any problem… We need to take out the weeds that will throttle our sprouting seeds of success, so we can plant and nurture new growth.
This means using tools to overcome inner obstacles such as:

  • limiting beliefs,
  • past traumas,
  • skewed (unhelpful) perspectives,
  • stress, anxiety, worry, and fears,
  • etc…

… so they do not get in the way of new approaches, new insights and new skills – which lead to greater confidence, greater understanding, and more joy in your life.

photo of Colin EllisAs a coach and teacher of personal & spiritual development I know the empowering, focused, motivating side of this equation is the exciting part… and what people want to dive in to immediately

… but without taking out any weeds, I’ve found the results can be less than satisfactory in the long term. Because of this, I found I had to become an ethically sound, natural, organic WEED KILLER!

If you are like most people and have some issues to resolve then you may be pleased to read the rest of this page…

I’ve been a serious practitioner and student of personal development for decades and can now guide you to uncover YOUR natural ability to heal and connect with your inner (& vast) resources.

I’ll be using the most up-to-date psychological processes including the latest in meridian and energy therapies that give lasting results. I’m only interested in helping you get results, so no quick fixes…

What to expect:

  • I shall guide you every step of the way.
  • You will get a chance to identify potential blocks and you will resolve the specific issues/blocks you have identified.
  • You may be asked to explore (possibly in a playful way) your blocks, but together, we shall find easy, painless ways to tackle them.
  • Once the blocks are cleared your path to happiness and success becomes possible/easier and I’ll be there for you so you can truly transform your life.
  • 6 months of dedicated help… with a 100% guarantee.

Where are appointments held?

Sessions can be facilitated by telephone or via the internet.

Blackhall Mill (near Rowlands Gill), Cullercoats (near Whitley Bay) and Wallsend CLICK HERE for the addresses and maps for these venues

For more information or to book an appointment, phone or email:

Telephone, freephone (UK) 0800 249 42 40        Tel/txt Colin: 07776 380 324


Release Your Potential

Personal Development Club members can get an empowering, motivating Release Your Potential session to ignite your will/intent for transformation.

You shall also uncover hidden challenges so you can get any support you may need to overcome them.

This session will have you enthused and ready to take the action you need to make the changes you want to make!

Get the member’s 50% discount – call me and mention you are a Personal Development Club member – 0800 249 42 40

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